Student / Landlord cleaning services

Booked in advance or in a short notice- we will always arrange cleaning for you ASAP! We know and understand that your landlord wants to get back the property in excellent condition so don't worry, as we will take care of it!

Our all inclusive price for our services (£17 per one hour) includes not only cleaning products and equipment but also professionally competitive on time reliability.

So leave all this dirty work of deep cleaning to us and enjoy your time!

Call us on 0113 266 0571 to make sure you organized end of tenancy cleaning on time!


Students Cleaning

Make the most of your time at university.
When you’re a student you want to make the most of your time at university – not spend it cleaning! That’s why Cleaning4Students has introduced a specific clean aimed at the student community.
• No contract to sign
• Student Discount
• Fully insured to give you peace of mind

No need to draw up rotas or argue about whose turn it is to clean the loo! This leaves you free to get on with the important things in life like studying or socialising.