Why use fogging?

According to the World Health Organization’s interim guidance on laboratory biosafety, disinfection procedures for COVID-19 should include “Appropriate disinfectants with proven activity against enveloped viruses e.g. hypochlorite (bleach), alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, quaternary ammonium compounds and phenolic compounds.

Whilst conventional cleaning may get rid of the germs that lie upon the surfaces we can see, it will not target areas which could be missed or hard to reach by cleaners, such as underneath tables and within the spaces between cupboards. This leads to hotspots, where there is a large volume of bacteria.

Our experts come into the premises fully equipped with fogging machines and use a 100% natural high disinfectant leaving you with 100% confidence being able to live or work in a clean and safe environment.

To provide an indication of costs, prices range typically from £200 for a small size office/building,  £300 for a medium-size office/building and up to £550 for a large-sized office/building.

Residential properties range from £150 upwards, with vehicles costing between £40-£80 depending on size.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or a no-obligation quote.